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two thousand and sixteen was catastrophic, i deserved it

Do you feel complete? Or do you want more? Will it be sufficient if you get more likes? Or if you have more followers than your "best friend"? Or would you choose a purse-bag over perspective? . . . . Do you feel that life, is all about hitting bars or getting high? Getting a job and finding a wife? Or a husband living the high life? Or do you wanna be an explorer and change the vision of people, whom think, they-are-doing-it-right? . . . I'd say find a path that suits you. But if it does not challenges your intellect, then what's the point? Of course you'd be settled, of course you'll earn a lot of money. But would you be happy? Killing your dreams? Killing FOR your dreams, brings out all the irony in the situation. It all comes down to, Do you feel complete? Or do you want more? -++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++- /----------------------------------------\ *Switched my style completely, for whatever you wanna call this. * Think about this, are you satisfied the way you're living your life?
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It sometimes annoys me, how artists with trash for talent, are actually the ones blowing up to millions of views but the real ones are sitting back in their basements, waiting for people to notice them, even after all the hard work they are putting in there music. I mean are you people for real? All these overrated artists claiming to be kings and Queens, I swear I can fit their imaginary crowns, right around my thumb. Let's settle this, rfn. These are the top 15, best cross genre albums I've heard ever, till now: 1. Eminem - The Eminem Show (2002) 2. Lido - Everything (2016) 3. Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP (2000) 4. Witt Lowry - Dreaming With Our Eyes Open (2015) 5. Logic - Everybody (2017) 6. TOVE LO - Lady Wood (2016) 7. Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) 8. Childish Gambino - Because The Internet (2013) 9. NF - Mansion (2015) 10. G-Eazy - These Things Happen (2014) 11. Big Sean - Dark Sky Paradise (2015) 12. Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. (2017) 13. Dr. Dre - Chronic (1998) 14. Ryan Caraveo - Maybe They Were Wrong (2016) 15. Drake - Take Care (2011) [honourable mentions: Drake - Nothing Was The Same, Eminem - Recovery, Kendrick - To Pimp A Butterfly, G-Eazy - When It's Dark Out, Lil Wayne - Tha Carter (series), Logic - Under Pressure, Justin - Purpose, MIA - A. I. M., ZAYN - Mind Of Mine] My list is basically, infinite. The point is there is music other than Drainsmokers. It's just a matter of celebrating the real music. If you have heard at least half of the above you have a beautiful life, you still do, but uk. I'm not trynna say don't listen to music you vibe with, all I'm saying is try to explore and find out the music or musiciens that deserve an audience. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Beautiful Best Friend @_nayonika_❤ And My Boi @r_rawat_
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What if I not had a twisted sense of humor? What If I had not met Vansh the way I did? What if I had not messaged him? What if I had not followed you? What if I had not uploaded that story? What if you had not replied to it? What if dinosaurs were not extinct? A whole lot of what ifs leading something so unexpected and beautiful, that neither one of us could've known. To meet someone, that you can share every thought and vision with, is like finding another version of yourself, even though you are a perfect version of yourself. I never knew that to vibe with someone feels this good. Thank You, for that. And the thing is Saumya, people leave and come back. But the ones who matter even if are a little less available at times, will never leave. So don't think about the ones who left because they ain't shit instead care about the ones who never will. The four pictures are not just pictures, I mean they have you, so they are not pictures now anyway. But no they are metaphors, you could see, they gain colour as we go further, that's because the first picture symbolises what you are rn, with less colours but as you go on and strive to recieve all the happiness and experiences life has for you, you'll fill your life with more colours, and so does the the third picture symbolises, where you could be. The last blank picture symbolises, what and where you want to be, and how will you reach there is all on you, boi. The lines mean progress, the hard work and everything. Also, happy 18th birthday, saumya. You're one of the few people I actually trust a lot and don't wanna lose it & you. I actually spent the entire day to make it more innovative and relateable, but couldn't think of something. 😂 Um. Ily, bro. Running out of words, but you're beautiful af and I'm glad to have you as my best friend, @promising.words & @chinumusic. Thank You, God. Ek baar phir, HAPPPY BIRTHDAY SAUMYAAAA. (CHANDIGARH is a safe place) _°_°_°_°_°_°_°_°_°_°_°_°_°_°_°_°_°_°_°_° Also, I wanna wish @suru065 and @im_dungeon_master, the best birthdays in the world. Stay lit, people.
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Let's just for a moment, restrict all our selfish needs and acts, and think about others. People who are drowning in debt, people who are jobless and do not know how to provide food for their families, people who just received eviction notice, people who are dying, people who don't know if they could stand up and actually be 'people' again. All they need is hope and that hope is us. Since, we consider ourselves, whole. But the truth is, we all are hurting inside. (And now I'm contradicting my own statement.) So forget about your burns and apply medicine to the injuries of others, help them up on their feet again. "Not every one is born with superpowers, but any one can be a superhero." All you gotta do is, help and make a difference. __________________________________________ Hit me up, if you think you're in pain, I might help.❤ __________________________________________ Color Coding #1
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Um. Yesterday, day before yesterday actually, was our first board exam right? For the people who don't know, it was. It went pretty well for most of us and people were really happy all around. I was too. From outside yeah, But from inside, my mind, my conscious was somewhere else. I mean, did y'all realize (I don't wanna sound cheesy) it was our last - first exam, conducted by school — ever. I remember the day, our first boards in class tenth were. I still remember that day. We all were waiting outside the school gate atleast an hour early, (Harshaa, wasn't 😂) but yeah, parents were taking pictures, we were nervous, anxious and excited at the same time. But we were HAPPY, right? Because we knew after it all, we'll all still meet in the school again, we'll still get to see them teachers in the school again , we'll still share our lunch boxes, bunk them classes, fuck up in cycle tests and everything else, again. But yesterday, I knew we won't be doing that anytime, again. Of course, we will all meet-up here and there, but honestly, would it be the same? I still am happy, that we'll get to see the vast world, we have been preparing all our lives for. But you know what I mean, right? . School is pretty much over, guys. __________________________________ Best of luck. ❤
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244 | 6 | 4 months ago
Aren't you mad there's no passion in the music you're playing?
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Mark, I don't know if you will ever read this or not. You don't need to. But I just want you to know, we got your back bro. We do. To be honest, you're the one who gives me and other kids like me the motivation to get through whatever they're going through and your music gives them the hope that yeas one day they too will achieve what they want to. I don't know what to say, because I can't explain in words what your lyrics mean to me. There's no point stressing over the radio plays, mark, they ain't shit. We know what you wanna do and that's enough. Ofc we need to spread the word but we sure need to keep the fakes aside. Don't worry when life gets hard I don't light the weed I work hard to get past that problem. At the end I just wanna wish you best of the luck for the album bro and I'll be the first one to buy that shit. @wittlowry #teamWITT
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Highlights anyone? —\|_|/—
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//..You're Faker Than Iggy Azalea's Accent..\\
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We spend all our time without passion and then we get old.
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How good do you have to be, to be considered a good person? I think, I read it somewhere. Yeah, Niha's bio. (See I'm actually writing as it goes, It doesn't even make sense rn, but I swear, keep on reading it will.) So yeah, how good do you have to be, to be considered a good person? Do you gotta get down to a level, helping or being devoted to a person, at which your self respect is as good as nothing? Or Trying to join all the ends of the world for a person, who just keep tearing it apart for you? Umm. No. Let me answer this for you, The thing is, you don't actually gotta care, if somebody considers you good or not. Because most of them, already have a certain imagery of yourselves, set in their minds. Haven't we all? Ofcourse being good to everyone, and behaving polite is not a bad thing. But doing whatever makes you happy and a good person in your vision, is all that matters. You're a good person. Continue to be so. ❤
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So, The thing is that, People think, money and power are the key to success, or intelligence is something we can prove in a test. And its somewhat practically true, because that's what happens right? Even if I write some fantasized lines here that,"Talent is the thing that takes you where you wanna be or they gonna recruit you, by not viewing your marksheet and instead your practical knowledge." Hey that's a lie, for most parts of our country.
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Hey world, this is my beautiful best friend, Harshaa. She is cool. . Hey Harshaa, this my beautiful world. Though it has this thin line, between real and fake. Make sure you don't interact with people on the wrong side of the line.
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Tell these motherfuckers, I ain't playing no more. I'm drowning out my problems 'til my pain no more. -Witt Lowry
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Happy Rishika Day. @risshhika [I Had Some Awesome AF Pictures, But Was Told, It'd be Deleted] . . . . . . . @bornbibliophile 🔥
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Fake ice on my wrist, it was frio. I should hit them with the Rio.
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Call me Keanu, I'm Neo. Hit that with the free throw. (swish)
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Happy Nayo Day. Let's promise something today, not that we remain together, forever but to make forever out of little time we have. I'm trying to make sense of what I'm feeling rn, but you know my feelings don't make sense. We talk all day, everyday. Shiz my imaginary girlfriend is so jealous. I don't want you ever to feel you're alone okay? Btw that lit video ME + HARSHAA did that. I want to write a lot, buh I don't want everybody to read. I'll text you. . Ly. Bi.
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Fam ly. 10
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